Northport is a well-known historic and Victorian era village center, located in the Township of Huntington. It was actually designated as Great Cow Harbor by 17th-century English colonists officially and was named Northport in 1837.  The village holds a ton of great events during the course of the year, including the Cow Harbor Day Race and Holiday lighting ceremonies

The Village Area

With great local bars, restaurants (Robkes Country Inn, located just outside the village is a town favorite), boutique shops, theater, playgrounds there is definitely not a shortage of things to do or eat in the village area.  If you would rather relax, there is a great grassy area right near the water, offering residents and visitors great scenes, smells and peacefulness to enjoy a book or play catch.

One of the biggest attractions down in the Village is John W Engeman Theater. This theater does a fantastic job with plays for all ages.   The facility has been completely renovated from its past days as a movie house and now offers season passes or single tickets to amazing shows during the year. 

History and Culture

Originally inhabited by the Matinecocks of Long Island, Northport was first called Opcathontyche, which meant "wading place creek".  After the Dutch had shown interest a few years earlier, the land was later sold by Asharoken, who was a Chief and also the head of the Matinecocks, to three Englishmen in 1656.

Sometime around 1874, Northport flourished and was even one of the most flourishing village on the northern shore, with ship yards, two hotels, marine railways and multiple general stores. After 50 years of boom, the shipbuilding industry collapsed as metal haulage ships took over the wooden ones they were building.

The village of Northport was not formally incorporated until 1894, which made it the first village in the Town of Huntington to become incorporated. Over the years Northport has stretched beyond l borders, invading other reputable communities such as the Crab Meadow or Great Neck and some parts of Freshpond Community.


Northport does offer public transportation. There are a few buses, and its own train station, but the preferred way to get around town is by car. Although, biking and walking are not bad alternatives. Everything is within a few miles walking distance.


There are countless boutique stores for everyone and anything. From clothes, to pet stores, to toyshops and even candy. Harbor Trading at 50 Main Street is a very popular candy and novelty shop. This shop is known by almost everybody in the town, including teens, kids, and adults who still love getting some candies.


There are parks in Northport that are open for recreational use. They have facilities like jogging or walking strip as well as an active playground for the youth to play soccer, football, etc.



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