Smithtown is a town with 117,801 people (according to 2010 census) located in Suffolk County, New York, United States, on the North Shore of Long Island.

The town is nicknamed "The Gold Coast" because of its historical affluence, and it consists of three villages as well as eight unincorporated hamlets. The hamlets of Smithtown are elegant and offer residents a ton of shops, restaurants, easy transportation and more.

Originally, historians knew Smithtown as “Smithfield”. Smithtown was first settled in around 1665. Local legend says that after saving a chief's girl from kidnappers, Richard Smith was told that the chief would grant a title to all the lands Smith could circle in one day using a bull. Smith decided to drive the longest day of the Bull Year (summer solstice), to allow more time to travel on the day.


Restaurants & Nightlife

Smithtown has a dining scene that is perfect for any foodie.

Take a walk down Main Street to find all of the finest restaurants which cover every cuisine style and will satisfy any pallet. If your more into sweets, Smithtown has you covered there too. Crazy Crepe offers customers a wide variety of sweet or savory crepes and if you’re in the mood for some world class chocolate, stop by the chocolate boutique shop Yottabyte, which offers some amazing chocolate both local and from around the world.

Smithtown also has some amazing bars for those you want to enjoy a drink, craft beer or simply gather with some friends to watch a game. Smithtown also has its own winery, Whisper Vineyards, how many towns can say that?

Smithtown also has its own Theater, which offers locals a taste of Broadway with amazing performances for audiences of all ages. The theater is a staple in the village and is the perfect place for a afternoon or night of entertainment.


Thankfully due to its location along New York State Route 25, Smithtown's position allows for accessible travel to various important destinations. A short drive down south of Smithtown is the Long Island Expressway, the most prominent highway for commuting and connecting to towns near and far. The Northern State Parkway is close by. Smithtown also has its own train station for those looking to travel into NYC. Located roughly 30 minutes east is MacArthur Airport, a convenient way to travel by air.


When it comes to shopping for groceries and other items, the residents of Smithtown have a ton of options.

Located on Main Street are a CVS, Walgreens, Stop and Shop, New Market and other mom and pop stores for locals to pick up items. There are two strip malls on Main Street, offering a ton of other services such has haircuts, lawn care, real estate, pool products and more.

There area also other convenience stores and boutique shops off of Main Street as well.


Smithtown is crammed with quite a number of parks for relaxing or playing. Caleb park or Blydenburgh park area right near town and provide residents with great play areas and open fields to enjoy playing catch, walking dogs or enjoying a book. The town also offers residents its own golf course and pool located on Landing Ave in Smithtown, called Smithtown Landing. There are tons of smaller parks, sprinkler parks and much more in the area. Concerts are held during the summer months at the Smithtown Library.

Smithtown is a unique and amazing town. If you want to know more about the area please contact me today. I am here to help.



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